Creative Minds Learning Center provides age-appropriate and individualized academic and developmental curriculum based on Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards.  All Learning Standards are available in the classrooms and main lobby.  Learning codes are placed on the calendars in all age classrooms.

Our curriculum is comprehensive – developing children’s literacy, language, early math, and social/emotional and developmental skills.
Each room works on curriculum developed for their age group.

  • School Work Habits

  • Self Help Skills

  • Listening Skills

  • Self Reliance Skills

  • Language Skills

  • Social Emotional Development

  • Problem Solving

  • Creative Thinking

  • Fine Motor

  • Logic and Math Skills

  • Gross Motor

  • Early Science Skills

  • Practical Skills


“Center” — Centers are designed to work on multiple skills such as reading, math and science, social studies, music and art.  Children receive kindergarten simulated instruction in small group settings that focus on the materials they will be learning when they enter school.  Through detailed lessons and consistent repetition, our teachers engage your child in age appropriate activities.

“Circle Time” — Circle time builds practical skills by asking children to:

  • spell and recognize their names

  • say/spell other children’s names

  • point out colors

  • identify letters and their sounds

  • talk about the seasons, time, weather and holidays

  • recognize the day of the month, day of the week, what date tomorrow is, what day of the week tomorrow is

These exercises build language and comprehension skills.  Through these discussion they also practice good social skills, listening to others, raising their hand to speak, being respectful of the person speaking, etc.  These are important skills to develop before entering elementary school.  Our toddler classrooms work on a variation of circle time.  This circle time develops all the same skills, just at their age level.


“Process Art” — We believe in “process art” rather than product art. Process art exercises your child’s creative expression, fine motor skills, imagination and problem solving. These programs foster self-esteem and social emotional development.

“Expanded Centers” — These activities engage children in thinking “outside the box.”  Creative problem solving, social skills, memory expansion and executive functioning skills are just some of the developmental areas that are practiced duringthese fun and stimulating centers.

“Play Space” — Children enjoy both indoor and outdoor play every day. Our play space allows for gross motor activity that includes bikes, sidewalk chalk, play house fun, jungle gym and slide fun, sprinklers and more.

“Community Involvement” — Castle Shannon and Mount Lebanon’s Fire and Police Departments work closely with us to provide children with quality programs that focus on safety
knowledge. Classroom programs with local dentists, librarians and other community helpers
occur monthly. We also host outside opportunities for extra curricular activities.